PerioChip Clinical Studies

Clinical Studies 01

PerioChip (chlorhexidine gluconate) 2.5mg is clinically more effective than SRP Alone. Two U.S. multicenter studies showed that patients who received PerioChip after scaling and root planing (SRP) experienced a statistically significant reduction in the depth of their periodontal pockets versus patients who were treated with SRP alone. Approximately twice as many subjects treated with PerioChip+ SRP showed an improvement in pocket depth of 2 mm or more at nine months versus subjects treated with SRP alone: 36% (PerioChip+ SRP) vs. 17% (SRP alone) in Study 94-002 and 25% (PerioChip + SRP) vs. 10% (SRP alone) in Study 94-003).

Clinical Studies 02

Sustained Local Delivery of Chlorhexidine in the Treatment of Periodontitis: A Multi-Centre Study

The safety and efficacy of PerioChip were evaluated in a randomized, blinded, multi-centre study of 118 patients with moderate periodontitis. The results of this study show that the treatment of periodontal pockets with CHX as an adjunct to SRP provides a significantly greater improvement in PD compared to the improvement obtained with SRP alone. Another significant improvement was observed in attachment level, at 9 months, in the CHX chip plus SRP treatment compared with SRP alone.