Why PerioChip

PerioChip Benefits

Why Periochip

Offering PerioChip to your patients as a second line treatment in the care and maintenance of Periodontal Disease allows you to offer choice to your patients, whilst reducing your risk and helps to reduce the health risks associated with Periodontal Disease for your patients.
RSD can reduce gingival inflammation and most visible signs of infection. However, in pockets of 5 mm or more it is nearly impossible to completely eradicate all bacteria and inflammation. PerioChip is an ideal adjunct therapy kill bacterial flora at the base of a periodontal pocket and suppress its regrowth for 11 weeks.

  • Significantly more effective in reducing pocket depth than RSD alone
  • Targeted delivery reaches base of periodontal pockets
  • High concentration of chlorhexidine digluconate concentration kills 99% of periopathogenic bacteria
  • Locally active within the crevicular fluid
  • Non-antibiotic
  • Well tolerated in clinical studies
  • Offers patient choice
  • Reduces risk
  • Minimal interference with daily routine
  • Takes 30 seconds to place
  • Can be used in regular periodontal and dental care maintenance
  • Biodegradable so no need to remove
  • Dentists, periodontists and hygienists across the globe have been using PerioChip in their practices for over two decades
  • Demonstrated to be well-tolerated and effective in multi-centre clinical trials
  • Ongoing, active clinical trials for new indications