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In order to introduce PerioChip® in your practice or – if you are our current customer – to release you from the need to regularly reorder, we have introduced two tiers or our bespoke Subscribe & Save offer.


The offer is free to join and you can leave at any time providing us with only two weeks heads-up. The below image outlines all the benefits of the Subscribe & Save offer


What should your usage be?

Below is a simple calculation on what PerioChip® usage should be like in a typical UK dental practice.


  • In the UK, an average clinician sees approximately 28 patients per day
  • 45% of patients have at least one periodontal pocket greater than 4mm*
  • Let’s say that 15% of your patients are suitable for PerioChip®* –  that’s 4 patients (per day / per clinician)
  • An average practice in the UK has 3 clinicians
  • 3 Clinicians with 4 suitable patients each – that’s 12 patients (per day / per practice)
  • Now, if 15% of suitable patients uptake PerioChip® treatment – that’s 2 patients (per day / per practice)
  • There are 20 working days in a month – that’s 40 chips
  • 40 chips divided by 20 (one pack)  – that’s 2 packs per month


*2009 Adult Dental Survey – 45% of patients have 4≥mm pockets; we have calculated using an average of 15% of patients would be suitable for PerioChip®.

Sounds interesting?


Please fill the form below to arrange a free no-obligation Educational Visit in your practice so that you can learn more about PerioChip® and see how the offer would fit in your practice. Alternatively, you can call our Inside Team at 0800 013 2333.


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